Monday, August 16, 2010

WANTED: Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner Challengers

The Advoc8te knows that the idea of running for an Advisory Neighborhood Commission seat can be daunting - especially for someone new to the process or the neighborhood.  Once you have finally decided to "stop talkin' about it and be about it" and you pick up your nominating petitions it can be a little baffling deciding how to get the word out to your neighbors. Especially when the incumbent may be, how shall we say... less than enthusiastic about your campaign?

Never fear, CHotR is here.  To encourage challengers for ANC seats and to help constituents know who is running in their ANC The Advoc8te is inviting ANY ANC COMMISSIONER CHALLENGER REGARDLESS OF WARD to send their info, the ANC single member district seat they are running for, and a short paragraph on why they would be good for the job. We are looking for qualifications people - even if they are just a committment to doing what is right, the ability to read and do basic math, and the committment to show up (physically and mentally) to meetings.  A picture is highly encouraged but not required.

For now I am reserving this offer for NEW challengers only, folks not currently serving on an ANC board. Not because I think all the current ANC commissioners need to be replaced (there really are some great commissioners out there) but because if they have been doing their job properly the past two years they already have a forum - the ANC meetings and their work in the community.  The community should be familiar with them already and have the proper information to judge the quality of their service.  If current commissioners have not utilized the past 20 months to make a positive impact on their constituents then "too bad so sad."

The Advoc8te will also be scouring the DC BOEE updates as challengers pick up their petitions.

Here is to hoping to a very active election season!

Get involved. Ask questions. Demand more.

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