Monday, August 09, 2010

Commissioner Mary Cuthbert caught on tape calling ANC opponent a "DUMB NIGGER"

Commissioner Mary Jane Cuthbert (2nd from left)
That's right - you read the headline correctly. Just when I thought I couldn't be more shocked by the actions and words of Commissioner Cuthbert she goes out and finds something new that takes my breath away.

However, as deplorable as her latest verbal attack  is (and its one of the worst); The Advoc8te in all truth can't say she is the least bit surprised at the vitriol that spews from her mouth, having been on the receiving end of it several times myself.

Let's review:

  • She has screamed "poor white trash" at a Ward 8 resident and homeowner during a political organization meeting.
  • Among her many insults directed to me she has personally threatened to "whoop my ass". (not including the myriad of insults she has hurled at me during ANC meetings the past two  years)
  • She pled guilty in 1989 to a felony 2nd degree theft charge involving public funds.
And on Saturday, August 8, 2010 she was caught on tape calling Larry Pretlow, challenger for the ANC 8C03 she currently holds a "dumb nigger" while he was out collecting signatures for his nominating petition. The shocking video is included below. The slur was issued at the 12 second mark.

To recap:
It doesn't seem Commissioner Cuthbert likes white people.
It doesn't seem that Commissioner Cuthbert likes women.
It doesn't seem that Commissioner Cuthbert likes young people.
And now it doesn't seem like she has a whole lot of respect for people of color considering her use of such a deplorable ethnic slur.

Can someone explain to me again why Commissioner Cuthbert is running in the first place? Better yet, why does she keep getting re-elected?

At what point do we say "enough is enough"? Where is the shame? The accountability? Hate like this should never, ever be tolerated and especially not from an elected official. This is outrageous plain and simple and the fact that she says these things knowing she is being recorded makes one only speculate at the type of hate she spews off camera.

Such anger and anomosity over an ANC seat. An unpaid, volunteer position with limited powers. In the case of ANC 8C the only ANC expenditure for many years has been in office rent for an outdated office with no phone line that hasn't been used to hold meetings for over 5 years. An office without a lease, where to this day the landlord is still unclear, and where the commission still has not approved the back payments. Rent payments that the DC Auditor calls  in it's latest audit,  "an uneconomic waste of taxpayer funds" and which they have threatened to withhold from a future ANC 8C allotment (a sum of over $24,000).

What gives? Inquiring minds want to know.

It's revolting and any organization that has her as a member or an employee, especially in a leadership position should really think twice about it. To be frank they should swiftly, severely and publicly admonish such behavior.What kind of example does this set? No wonder people have walked away from ANC 8C and other community organizations - this behavior is totally unacceptable. No reasons, no excuses. It was dead wrong.


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IMGoph said...

yep, the leroy thorpe of ward 8. she uses the n word, he calls gay people derogatory names, among other things.

oh, and he's running for his old seat again, according to DCBOEE records.

foldingtime said...

It really does make me wonder what is going on in her head.

si said...

Oh Leroy Thorpe uses the N word too.

The Advoc8te said...

The more I think about it the more disturbing it becomes. Mary Cuthbert's behavior not only reflected poorly on her but reflects poorly on our ANC system, and our Congress Heights and Ward 8 community. This type of hatred and meanspiritedness needed to be brought to light but it is again distracting us from the positive things in the community and what we should be doing to move ahead. I said it once and I will say it again. Some of our "community leaders" and in this case I use the term loosely need to have an honest discussion with themselves and decide if running again is in THEIR best interest or the COMMUNITY'S best interest? I think the residents of ANC 8C thing we deserve better - at the very least someone less distracting and divisive.

My 2 cents.