Monday, May 10, 2010

Why The Advoc8te will be swearing off Chipotle for a while.

From today's Washington Post article, Tim Chapman and Gary Cha partner to bring organic groceries to low-income areas.

"When Chapman struggled to get a retailer or restaurant that he wanted for the space (even after offering the space to Chipotle rent-free), he settled on a chain convenience store. But when he brought the letter of commitment to Fenty (D) and his economic development team, the city provided a $900,000 grant to get a Yes store instead."

While The Advoc8te is sure that Chipotle will say they will have their reasons for not opening a story East of the River, The Advoc8te is hard pressed to come up with any reason that would prevent a business taking advantage of  FREE COMMERCIAL RENT in a brand new building. The Advoc8te even recalls Southeast Socialite writing Chipotle a letter requesting Chipotle open a location East of the River. I wonder if the Socialite is willing to go on a burrito bol boycott?


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IMGoph said...

hit 'em in the pocketbook!