Wednesday, February 17, 2010

THE BARRY INNER CIRCLE: The Ward 8 Version Of The Corleone Family

I really can't waste too much of my time and energy on these latest revelations of Marion Barry engineered  tomfoolery, dysfunction and corruption. I wrote a post months ago about my feelings on the subject so that will pretty much have to suffice.

To be fair, I know a lot of great people in Ward 8 and in  River East who are working hard every single day to make their communities better and not one of them are getting paid to do it.  They don't have fancy job titles or profess to be experts of "this or that"; they also don't have any close ties with "The Family". These unsung heroes are just concerned citizens who volunteer their time, energy and at times their own limited duckets to make our community better.

Ward 8 will be so much better when we get rid of all these poverty pimps, hypocrites and scam artists that keep dipping in the "community chest" like it was their own personal piggy bank. Everyone falls on hard times but if you have integrity there are certain things you just won't do - like steal resources from people who really need them and then turn around and pat yourself on the back for all the "good" you are doing - not! People who live here and who are hip to the game already knew about this non-profit scam or at least suspected it. It wasn't even a secret. It was just another scam from which members of the "inner circle" where are able to profit. You rarely ever see any honest people caught up in this tomfoolery because either they know enough to stay away or they were never included in the first place. That is the basis of a lot of the tension you see here when it comes to Ward 8 politics...fear that the gravy train may be coming to an end. Funny thing about thieves, after a while they feel entitled to the loot.

Why has the curroption continued for so long? Because everyone turned a blind eye...the city, the council, and the constituents...even the local media played a big part by only focusing on a narrow part of River East life. There was this huge blind-spot where it was okay to game the system. Who was an honest person supposed  to tell? The Mayor? The DC Auditor? The Office of the Inspector General? The DC Council? Yeah right. Residents in ANC 8C have been yelling for years about the scam involving thousands and thousands of goverment tax dollars being wasted or "misappropriated" and no one gives a good goddamn. It is far easier to ignore the curroption than to actually do something about it and its clearly much more lucrative to "play along, to get along". Far too many people were - and are still - depending on the few crumbs from the table - instead of going out and learning how to bake their own damn bread. That is what poverty pimps depend on in order to keep the scams going. Let's get real here. Poverty pimps do not want disadvantaged residents to get jobs, get an education or become financially independent. They damn sure don't want them asking questions like, "Where is the money going?" They need to keep the masses poor, uneducated and afraid - that is how they stay in power. That is what makes this whole mess so ironic, that these "non-profits" were supposedly tasked with the job of actaully helping people. What a joke.

The only upside to all these seemingly unending stories of corruption is that there really is "no honor amongst thieves." Eventually someone will flip and the whole house of cards will finally come tumbling down.

Or so I hope.

If Marion Barry really loved Ward 8 like he claims he does he would put his own selfish needs for fame, self-importance and a paycheck aside and he would resign immediatly. Every day he remains in office he robs the community of it's dignity, sense of purpose and integrity. He is robbing us of our future.

But we all know he will never -can never- leave gracefully (or voluntarily).

MOB for life.

P.S. And for those judgemental "you-know-whats" who like to blame all of Ward 8 for being morons for electing Barry again in the last election I would love to know where were you and your campaign contributions were when we were trying to elect Charles Wilson, a drug-free, felon-free, drama-free lawyer and Ward 8 resident. If you want Barry out we need your help - even if you don't live in Ward 8.

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Alice M Thornton said...

I agree with you 110 percent. Incidentally, I'm watching the replay of the City Council hearing right now, and I really don't know whether to laugh, cry, or throw up. I can't believe the foolishness that's coming out of Barry's mouth (or, I wouldn't believe it except it was caught on video); he's still spouting the "everybody EOTR is poor" mantra. Even more unbelievable is the amount of support he gets from folks who obviously live under a rock somewhere (and that rock needs to be crushed). Today's Loose Lips column posted a link to a Facebook page for people that actually support Barry and, can you believe, the amount of fans increased by about 100 AFTER the hearing? It's surreal. When will it end?

The Advoc8te said...

I tell people who don't live here about this stuff and they think I am making it up. I wish I was.

Ward 8 Community "Leaders" can be broken down in the following groups:

The Barry Bunch - "The Family". Very incestuous, arrogant and very territorial. They will cut you as soon as look at you. Most of these folks are made up of people who couldn't hack it in the real professional or non-profit world. They have made scamming an artform. Many of them have three hands - one to pat themselves on the back and the other two to line their pockets as fast as they can.

The Good Intentioned But Woefully Unqualified - These folks describe themselves as the "new" crop of leaders but really they just recycle "The Family's" rhetoric but how you can distinguish this group of folks from "The Family" is that they wear slightly better suits, have their first business cards (which them can't wait to pass out) and can't stop playing on their Blackberries between randomly declaring just how busy and important they are. These folks are always releasing grammatically challenged press releases and overly vague and overly broad "initiatives" and start-up organizations. With some training, education and experience they have the potential to really do some good but for the most part they are all show no substance. They are ignored by "The Family" and laughed at by everyone else.

The Unsung Hereos - These are the group of folks who have most likely been cussed out or shut up by "The Family" and are constantly being recruiting by the Woefully Unqualified to work on their latest project. The Unsung Hereos generally have jobs and other interests that take them outside of the Ward therefore they aren't so political tied into today's scemes. They have substantial education and work experience and the proven track record of success - they aren't trying to "get on" - they are already "on". They really just want to give back and not in a flashly way. Unsung Hereos in recent years have begun to create their own network of service in order to accomplish good in the community without getting in bed with The Family or having their time wasted by the Woefull. If Ward 8 could could every disentangle itself from Barry and The Family this would be the group most likely to be able to rally the community together and accomplish some success.

The Advoc8te said...

"The Unsung Hereos - These are the group of folks who have most likely been cussed out or shut up by "The Family"

shut up = shut out

Anonymous said...

Someone needs to look into Congress Heights Main Streets. Something shady is definetly going on over there.

SoutheastJerome said...

Great post Advoc8te!

You go too HARD!

The Advoc8te said...

You should have seen this post before I edited. Many 4-letter words. This sh*t is insane.

Braveheart said...


God bless you. Thank you so much for your post and always speaking out against the “tomfoolery” in River East. I agree with you 100% on the faux non-profits and government-supported scams. At this point, I don’t think Barry is an evil old man. I really think he is crazy and has convinced himself that his behavior is ok. And his goons encourage him while they profit as well.

Sincerely, we should have River East prayer night. Until Mr. Barry steps down, only the Lord can help us.


The Advoc8te said...

Another example of ANC 8C tomfoolery. Despite the Auditor repeatedly telling them that expenditures have to be voted on and presented in a PUBLIC meeting they keep doing the opposite. Who is benefiting from payments for an "office" that we haven't used in years and that doesnt even have a phone? Inquiring minds want to know.

Anonymous said...

this stuff stopped being funny a long time ago. its just sad.

Anonymous said...

Ward Eight has an opportunity to change the perception and the actions of it's elected officials, but I've yet to see residents in an overwhelming way get involved in organizations, such as the Ward 8 Democrats, to affect change. We have over 37,000 registered voters in our Ward, yet bearly 8,000 came to the polls the last election. And this was with our First African-American on the ballot!!! Talk is cheap! I need Ward 8 Residents who are concerned about our community to get involved!!!! Join the Ward 8 Democrats (We meet the 3rd Saturday of each month at Matthew Memorial..we're also on FACEBOOK under "Ward Eight Democrats), and I promise you, you'll be able to affect this year's mayoral race, and in definitely make an impact on who's Councilman of our great Ward!

Jacque D. Patterson
President, Ward 8 Democrats, Inc.

Anacostiaque said...

As the ward transitions, Ward 8 will change and this will be reflected in our politics. Newer residents may/may not openly identify with any particular group, but they will simply act in their to day and in the voting booth.

Established folks around my way come together to discuss how the curb appeal can be improved. Meanwhile, the newer residents are AUTOMATICALLY improving their curb appeal, which in turn improves the neighborhood.

Talking to most newer residents is like "preaching to the choir". It's the established Ward 8 folks that need to "see the light", when it comes to politics. They were true to Barry long before the new folks got here.

This is about numbers....the lower end of the socioeconomic ladder in Ward 8 outnumbers those in the middle part of the ladder. It's the lower end that tends to support Barry.

We're better off minimizing subsidized housing, building quality new large row-homes and adding needed amenities to keep folks here. The housing will take care of the amenities...

People will always desire to be close-in so Anacostia is guaranteed to get extra looks, as NW gets unreasonable and long commutes continue to become less desirable....Ward 8 makes the most economic sense and offers the most upside compared to other areas.

This is just my opinion...

SoutheastJerome said...


Well said man.