Sunday, November 08, 2009

Marion Barry: Reality TV Star?

The Advoc8te is getting reports that Councilmember Marion Barry is in the process of filming a reality show pilot.  No joke, a reality show pilot.

No word yet on when the show would make its way to TV or on what network, but folks are telling The Advoc8te they have seen the film crews trailing Barry about town and that members of his staff have confirmed that they are in fact filming a pilot for Barry's reality show.  No idea yet on what the focus of the reality show will be, but if in fact true, The Advoc8te isn't really all that surprised. Wasn't it just the next illogical progression for the ultimate showman - his own reality series?

Again, no word yet on what network would actaully green light a Barry reality show but just in case I came up with some possible show titles:
  • For The Love of Barry
  • Extreeme Politician Makeover
  • The Real (Ward 8) World
  • I'm A Politician Get Me Out Of Here!
  • True Life: I'm Marion Barry
  • Intervention (some how that name just fits as is)
  • The Real Councilmember of Ward 8
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LittleTortilla stays in DC said...

Say it ain't so!

In other news they are showing the HBO documentary on Barry Nov 13th at Matthews Memorial at 7pm. I'm oh so curious.

Anonymous said...

Go Congress Heights on the Rise!

The Advoc8te said...

Much thanks to the readers who shared the info on Barry's reality show. Hopefully with all this attention to the blog folks will become more familiar with Ward 8 neighborhoods. There is much more to Ward 8 than Barry and crime. There are a lot of great people and stories - the majority positive. The Advoc8te holds out hope those will one day get just as much attention as Barry's latest escapades.

P.S. Great story idea - ANC 8C!!! Where exactly is the money going? lol