Wednesday, August 19, 2009

CM Alexander Requests Audit of Advisory Neighborhood Commission 8C Finances and Operations

In March 2009 after this CHOTR post concerned residents of Advisory Neighborhood Commission 8C contacted the Committee on Aging and Community Affairs which is Chaired by Councilmember Yvette Alexander to discuss the many problems and concerns surrounding Advisory Neighborhood Commission 8C. As a result of that meeting which included a review of past audit reports conducted by the DC Auditor Councilmember Alexander submitted the below letter to DC Auditor Deborah Nichols requesting an immediate audit of Advisory Neighborhood Commission 8C finances and operations.

Residents are awaiting the findings of the Audit which was conducted in the past 6 weeks.

To contact the Committee on Aging and Community Affairs to discuss your Advisory Neighborhood Commission you can contact the following:

Committee Chairperson:
Yvette Alexander

Committee Clerk:
Victor Bonett
Tel: (202) 741-0948
Fax: (202) 741-0911

Committee Members:
Jim Graham,

Mary Cheh,

Harry Thomas, Jr.,

Michael A. Brown,

Committee Contact Information
Office: 1350 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, Suite 17, Washington, DC 20004
Tel: (202) 724-8068
Fax: (202) 741-0911

Key Staff
Victor Bonett

Committee Meetings
The Committee shall hold regular meetings in room 123 on the Fourth Thursday of each month, except during periods of Council recess.

Upcoming Committee on Aging and Community Affairs Meeting Dates:
September 24, 2009
October 22, 2009

Also if you would like to view the 2009 DC Council Oversight Hearing on Advisory Neighborhood Commissions click HERE. This video includes the hearings of Ward 8 ANCs.

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JUSTICE said...

I understand how you got that moniker. You have stirred up some stuff. I am optimistic that ANC2 in Northwest can get their stuff together.
Way to go!!

The Advoc8te said...

Thanks Justice. lol. Without a doubt my favorite quote is by Malcolm X who said "My hobby is stirring up black people". Well my hobby is definetly making sure that ALL people feel free to stand up for what it is right - even if I don't happen to agree with it.

Every revolution begins with just one voice. Let us all be that voice.