Sunday, October 19, 2008

Congress Heights Photo History/Historical Society of Washington DC

Take a visit over to The Historical Society of Washington DC and check out some of their wonderful photos, exhibits and pieces of local history. You can do a search by neighborhood, street, key word, etc. A really great rescource.

801 K Street, NW at Mount Vernon Square Washington, DC 20001 202.383.1850

Including some really amazing photographs of Congress Heights.

Congress Heights Baptist Church, Esther Place and Raleigh Street SE. April 16, 1950
Izzy Neumeyer, fireman at Company 25, Congress Heights fire station, with firehorses. (1914)

Commercial buildings on South Capitol Street SW between Chesapeake and Atlantic Streets.
Houses in the 500 block of Newcombe Street SE. (April 1950)
Buildings in the 2900 block of Nichols Avenue SE north of Portland Street.


Mary L. said...

Loved seeing the buildings between Chesapeake & Atlantic Streets.
I grew up on Elmira Street, and remember shopping in a lot of those stores.
The one on left was a gift shop, then came the Adeline Shop, a chain store for women's clothes. Next was E.D. Edwards Shoes, also a chain, and I remember getting a pair of multi-colored sandals there in 6th grade.
Other stores were dry cleaner/shoe repair, a liquor store, a bakery, and a Peoples Drug.
On the corner at Atlantic Street, was a Woolworths.
Post the parking lot on the left, was a Safeway.
Thanks for the memories.

triskellion66@gmailcom said...

I used to love to ride My Bike to "Brinsfields" Drug Store to the Soda Fountain. or to the Saturday Matinee at The "Atlantic Theater". It was Great Growing up in that area. Lived Just off Nichols Ave no too far from Fort Carroll Area